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Readers’ say on plans for bus fare hike


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SOME ONLINE READERS have reacted to the plan for higher bus fares. Following are some of their comments: Pat Oliver: I feel sorry for the poor, poor workers in Swan Street, the supermarkets and gas stations who are making between $300 and $400 per week. Some of these have to take two buses or vans to get to work . . . . The domestic help and office cleaners who cannot afford a car. The IMF can recommend whatever they like; it is the situation on the ground that should determine the bus fares.

Sandrea Butcher: It is about time the bus fare went up. Next thing, a transfer system. No bus should be going from Bridgetown to St Lucy. Passengers should have to transfer when they reach Speightstown. Routes like Speightstown to Oistins are not worth the diesel, insurance, parts and labour.

Alisa Wilson: Bus fares going up, but the bus service isn’t reliable. On any given day, you can expect to wait two to five hours for a bus.

Ervina Hoyte: Instead of asking us, adults, to pay increased bus fare, why don’t they ask those schoolchildren whose parents can afford to pay, to pay bus fare for them?

Love Queen: More bus fare and no more money, and some people like me pay $8 a day. What [you all] expect people to do? I cannot walk to work.

Julian Marshall: How about a pay hike for workers to offset the hike in bus fare? ( BD)