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She slept with another woman


She slept with another woman

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Dear Christine, I AM a straight male who does not support same-sex unions but would never hate, despise or ridicule those who do. For me, it’s live and let live.

However, I am in a situation where my girlfriend has had a sexual encounter with her close female friend.

This happened about five years ago while she was studying. They have known each other from school days. We have been together for the past two and a half years. She and this young woman still keep in contact with each other and I know they meet up from time to time. My girlfriend tells me their tryst was short and it was over soon after it started. She says she is no longer interested in her “in that way”. I don’t trust her friend and I become paranoid whenever they hook up for any reason.

I love my girlfriend.

Please help me get over this.

K.H. Dear K.H., The mere fact that your girlfriend confided this part of her life to you tells me that she is being open and honest about the situation.

Is it just her friend you do not trust or is it your girlfriend as well?

If you want clarity, ask her again to tell you the whole story, whether or not there is anything going on between the two of them, and if she finds herself attracted to females.


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