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Trying to move on without hurting him


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Dear Christine, I HAVE BEEN in a relationship with a man for the past four months. We’ve only been truly intimate on two occasions. How do I tell him that I want out without hurting him badly?

I have tried a couple of times to end things, but he frets and accuses me of wanting someone else, which is not true. I just don’t want to be with anyone right now and he’s not what I really want in a man.

– LONGING TO LEAVE Dear Longing To Leave, While you may not want to hurt this man’s feelings, there’s no easy way to break up a relationship. Prepare yourself for his emotional reaction, but let him know that while you care for him, you would rather be alone right now.

When he frets and accuses you of wanting someone else, just politely walk away or show him the door.