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Another grass fire forces Welches Primary to close


Another grass fire forces Welches Primary to close

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A GRASS FIRE caused Welches Primary School in St Thomas to close early yesterday The blaze occurred around 1:10 p.m. and one tender from Arch Hall Fire Station responded.

Some parents lamented that the school had been forced to close several times over the last few months because of fires “I did not even receive a call that something had happened,” said Jennifer Belgrave. “I happened to be in Lears and saw a WhatsApp post so I came here [quickly] ’cause my daughter is an asthmatic.

“There is smoke constantly affecting these children. This was the first time for this term they were sent home because of fire, but last term the school closed about four times.”

Another parent, Kerri-Ann Cumberbatch, was also concerned about the health of the students.

“Inhaling the smoke is not good for the children; we don’t know what are the contents that are being burnt,” she said. “Some of these children have allergies, sinus issues and asthma. If you look, you will see the children coughing.

“And it is inconveniencing the parents and those who can’t get here in a prompt time. Their children have to suffer in the same smoke.”

There have been close to 300 grass fires so far for the year. (SB)

JENNIFER BELGRAVE leaving Welches Primary with her children, nieces and nephews

yesterday. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)