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Clean up walkway to River Terminal


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MY WIFE AND I are returning visitors (ten-plus visits) to Barbados and use all forms of public transport available.

I would like to say the new Constitution River Terminal is a significant improvement to the previous situation of confusion and sometimes chaos, mainly for the visitor. Congratulations to the authority responsible and to the bus drivers for adhering to the new process.

The above is the good part. However, I must comment that, when walking to the new terminal along the river, one must pass through an area where there is much debris and garbage (and a couple of dead rats), lining the path. Some of this garbage, I am sure, has been there since last year and possibly longer.

Can the authority responsible for the new terminal make arrangements to have the walkway cleaned up? With so many food vendors in the immediate area, this garbage represents a significant health risk and an unsightly mess for residents and visitors alike.