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Disappointed by offerings at Holetown Festival


Disappointed by offerings at Holetown Festival

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I was disappointed. There was very little that was new or creative on display as far as I could see. And if they were, they certainly seemed few and far between.

What was in abundance were the balloons, with the sparkly lights, the blown-up toys, clothes and undergarments hanging from the rails of the stalls. Don’t forget the herbs and the flowers.

The artists, showcasing their pieces, a high point for me, were “hidden” in the back where you almost had to go through a maze to find them.

In less than an hour, we decided we had enough.

According to my mother, “there was nothing really to fill your eyes”.

To the organisers of Holetown Festival, please do a relook to see how we can encourage those talented people in our country to come out and showcase their wonderful works.

PATRONS on the final day of the Holetown Festival. (FP)

HOLETOWN FESTIVAL needs a “do over” and fast.

As a child, I always enjoyed the festival on the Platinum Coast. I eagerly looked forward to attending the Police Tattoo on Friday night with my dad which was always a treat, and then the street fair on the Saturday where I would meet up with my friends for the lime.

As an adult I eased off attending the festival and only viewed its offerings from a distance, when our photographers submitted their best pictures for the newspaper and our social media channels.

So rewind to last Sunday when I decided I would take my mum for an outing at Holetown. I kept an open mind determined to take in the sights and sounds of the festival.

We walked the length of the area which was chock-full with stalls, most selling the “same old, same old”.