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Woman now without a home


Woman now without a home

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Bernadette Wilson was left with nowhere to sleep last night after she was evicted from the house she had rented for seven years at Passage Road, St Michael.

She said when the owner of the house passed away, the house appeared to have been turned over to another relative who was living overseas. He in turn appointed someone to collect the rent.

Wilson said that at some point the last agent died and she could not find out who was responsible for the house.

“These people come placing things on my door. Nobody ain’t coming; nobody ain’t asking me

Bernadette Wilson with all her belongings outside the house at Passage Road, St Michael.

(Picture by Sandy Pitt.)

anything. They just come. I was cooking and all my food I had to throw away because they say I got to come out now, now,” she said yesterday.

Wilson said she went overseas and upon her return she found men asking her who rented her the house and, without notice, they told her she must get out. The police were summoned and she had to leave.

She said she had been calling the last agent only to hear recently that he had died. But, admitted Wilson, she had not paid her $750 a month rent since 2017 because she was unaware that the man had died even though she searched for him.

“I have nowhere to go and the rain coming and all my things out there,” she said while appealing for shelter. (AC)