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‘Schoolboy’ out front in Lodge Road competition


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With three rounds remaining, the 2019 Lodge Road Members Draughts Competition will go down as one of the club’s most bitterly contested events.

Rawle “Schoolboy” Williams snatched the lead with a one-point difference on Thursday following a 2-0 defeat of Julian Burgess to the chagrin of Jeffrey “Socks” Clarke, who handed the competitive Tyrone “General Norpe” Moore a 1-0 defeat.

Clarke and defending champion Richard Grazette are tied in second place on 23 points after Grazette drew with Anthony “Rat” Agard.

Darwin Lorde and Sam Marshall have also had exceptional runs and are on the fringe with 21 points.

Marshall defeated Eric Rice 2-0, while Lorde and fellow St Martin’s teammate, Ian Callender, drew their match.

In other results, Mark Barnett bounced back from a bloody weekend to defeat Eddie Moore 2-0, while his brother Mathew won 2-0 against the lone female, Wilma Branch.

Also having a good run is Oliver “Champ” Whitford, who defeated Keith Clarke 1-0.

Burgess, Mark and Mathew Barnett, Nathaniel “Thani” Grosvenor, Tyrone Moore, Ian Callender and Oliver Whitford are all on 19 points.

Tomorrow at 5 p.m will see the critical ninth and tenth rounds being played at Best Road, Christ Church, with the final round scheduled for the following Thursday at 7 p.m. (HH)

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