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Tony Jarvis

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I am a bird enthusiast. I have a couple of budgies, parrots, finches, cockatoos and lovebirds.

I am the nephew of the great Sir Garfield Sobers.

Most people know of me playing football but I also played cricket for Bay Primary and Ellerslie Secondary and I went on tour with Ellerslie to St Vincent in 1975.

I was Barbados’ junior national football captain in 1978 and I was also captain of a junior professional team in Barbados around 1979.

Along with representing Notre Dame’s First Division football team, I also had two seasons with Everton.

I am a swimmer and a devoted Roman Catholic.

One of my great friends told me I am a crazy coach who makes things happen.

At my age, 58, I am still an active person who can be seen on mornings running, walking and swimming.

I was the accountant at Solar Dynamics for ten years. I started there in 1979 but in 1990 I started at the National Sports Council.

I like liming with football teams and I am very comfortable liming with my opponents. I am friendly with everyone.

In 2012, I was said to have suffered a mild stroke by a doctor, but the doctor I have had for the last eight years told me it was not a stroke. I am still under her care to make sure I remain healthy.

Tony Jarvis is a long-standing coach at the National Sports Council. He reveals to Sunsport’s Ria Goodman ten things not widely known about him.

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