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$800 for cell phone damage


$800 for cell phone damage

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HE CONTENDED that the cell phone he damaged cost $600, and not $800 as detailed in a service report.

However, Marlon Terry Martyr, 32, of September Square, St Matthias, Christ Church, must fork out $800 in a week or face a month in jail, after admitting to damaging Janet Thompson’s phone on February 14.

When he returned before Magistrate Douglas Frederick in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court on Friday, Thompson produced a report which stated the housing of the phone was bent and the screen would not sit down, and a new Samsung Galaxy J7 would cost $800. “That phone cost bout $600 or $700,” Martyr told the court. “If you know it cost $600, go and buy one for that price and hand it to the lady. You would save $200,” the magistrate told him. “I don’t mind paying or nothing so, but this could be a trick,” Martyr contended, adding he had checked the price of the phone himself and would be able to pay the money in a month.

“I could pay you in a month, sweet girl?” he asked Thompson.

“I would like a phone within a week. People does call me for jobs. I out o f money and I got bills to pay,” she responded.

Martyr returns to court on March 1.