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Dream guy is already taken



Dream guy is already taken

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Dear Christine, You probably won’t get a lot of cases like mine. You see, I married the same man twice. During our first marriage, he cheated on me and was very open about it. We divorced.

I took him back again after he cried and begged for a second chance. Since we have a child together, I forgave him.

The second marriage was not any different.

Within two years, he cheated again, with the same woman. Again, we divorced.

I decided not to let another man into my life.

That was until I met X. I think the world of him and I have never loved anyone so much.

The thing is, though, he’s already in a relationship. He says he doesn’t love her, but he’s afraid to leave her. He said he tried on two occasions and she threatened to kill herself.

I’m afraid to ask him to make a choice. What should I do?

W.J. Dear W.J., If this man is not free to love you, leave him. I think he has already made his choice and it’s not you. Let him work out his own issues while you focus on raising your child. After your past experiences, you need a man who is truly free and disengaged.

Don’t settle for anything less.



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