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Looking for a ring after graduation


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Dear Christine, I plan to graduate later this year. I have been seeing the same guy for almost three years. He has already graduated and has secured himself a good job.

My reason for writing is that I want to get married. I would even settle for an engagement ring or some sort of promise of marriage after I graduate. He keeps saying we’ll get married some day, but only when I bring up the subject. Please tell me if I am wasting my time?

He says he feels like I’m pressuring him.

What should I do?

S.H. Dear S.H., Stop pressuring him!

While you would like him to commit to you now, he’s not ready for that. Quit forcing him to do what he does not want to.

Since you’re still studying, you should concentrate on that aspect of your life and also consider securing a job first.

Let him know you will not be moving in with him since it goes against your own moral values. If he says he understands, that’s fine. If he insists that you do, it’s best you call it quits.

Meanwhile, say nothing more about marriage until after graduation.

Depending on his answer, you’ll know if you are headed anywhere with this relationship.