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Low reservoir levels still affecting BWA


Low reservoir levels still affecting BWA

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The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) continues to be affected by low water levels at some of its facilities. These include Apes Hill, Boscobelle, Castle Grant, Half Acre, Lamberts, Lodge Hill and Shop Hill. The areas affected by the low levels comprise some St Michael, St James, St Thomas, St Joseph, St John, St Andrew, St Peter and St Lucy districts.

Once water levels drop too low, there is not enough water to pump at normal rates, so pumping from a given facility may either be reduced or stopped to allow the levels to recover. The BWA’s distribution network of customers and businesses serviced by these reservoirs may then, in turn, be affected by outages or low water pressure.

Marketing Officer, Yvette Harris-Griffith stated: “It is difficult to maintain a consistent normal supply to some areas once reservoir levels start to fluctuate the way they have been recently.”

“There are some areas where the low pressure is intermittent,” she added, “and customers should note that due to higher usage, the situation tends to get worse during peak periods – early mornings and evenings, when persons return home and start using water.”

“To those persons whose supply returns to normal outside of the peak hours, the Authority recommends that they store some water to help when the pressure may be low or the water actually goes off.”

The BWA will continue to dispatch water tankers to assist in the interim but there are sometimes delays due to heavy demand. (PR)