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Parents stage protest at Milton Lynch


Parents stage protest at Milton Lynch

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At this time, upset parents and guardians are gathered outside of the Milton Lynch Primary School, expressing their displeasure with the conditions at the Water Street, Christ Church. 

Armed with placards, they are voicing the concern over several environmental issues which they say are hazards to both students and teachers at the all-boys institution.  

In a letter dated February 26 sent to the Ministry of Education, the parents asked for the ministry’s immediate intervention to address a rodent and termite infestation, the presence of stray animals, cow itch, dust, lack of industrial cleaning, unsanitary bathrooms and an unserviced well. 


Parent Don Lovell told the NATION although some work had been done to address the issues outlined it was not enough.

“It was promised that certain things would have been done by this weekend. Some work has been done but not satisfactorily; the schools needs to be cleaned properly.”  

Lovell said, “There have been unsanitary conditions at this school for years. What really pushed me was that last week the teachers were sick so we had to come back and pick up the children because the teachers were ill…The children have been ill as well, they are a lot of issues … the school needs cleaning properly.” 

Last week the parents held a meeting at the school hoping officials from the Ministry of Education would attend but that did not occur. (KOB)