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US Embassy issues travel advisory


US Embassy issues travel advisory

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Yesterday, the Embassy of the United States in Bridgetown issued a travel advisory for citizens travelling to Barbados.

The advisory level remains as normal but included particular areas to avoid or exercise caution when traversing. (NATIONNEWS)

The release stated:

If you decide to travel to Barbados

Do not travel to the following areas:

▪ Crab Hill, St Lucy

▪ Ivy, St Michael

▪ Nelson Street, Bridgetown (at night)

▪ Wellington Street, Bridgetown (at night)

▪ Jolly Roger and Buccaneer Cruises (at night)

▪ Maxwell Coast Road (at night)

Exercise increased caution in the following areas:

▪ Black Rock

▪ Deacons

▪ Carrington Village

▪ Green Fields

▪ New Orleans

▪ Pine