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Another UWI faculty

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Another UWI faculty

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For the first time in almost 50 years, the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill is set to establish a new faculty.

It will be the Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts.

Making the announcement, principal of the campus, pro-vice chancellor Professor Eudine Barriteau revealed it was approved during the campus’ annual council meeting held at the Cave Hill, St Michael institution Friday.

Barriteau said the new faculty would be established with no additional costs for physical resources or staff. Some of the experts expected to tutor programmes will possibly originate from Cuba since a memorandum of understanding was signed between the parties last February.

Barriteau, however, said the introduction, the first since the Faculty of Law in 1970, would bring tremendous economic and social benefits to the university and to Barbados.

According to her, the faculty will provide intellectual leadership and career opportunities in the cultural industries.

In addition, she believed that the current structure would assure institutional prominence and marketing visibility to the degrees of Cultural Studies in Film, Dance and Theatre. (SDB Media)