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BCC students: Fix shuttle, please


BCC students: Fix shuttle, please

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Two years without a shuttle is too long.
That’s the cry from some students at the Barbados Community College (BCC).
Students’ Guild president Kobie Broomes said the matter was one of security as the shuttle was used to take students to the bus terminal on evenings.

 “The major concern we are having is our evening students having to wait on the outside for vans that stop working after a certain time. The [ZR] vans stop running around 6 or 7 p.m so students would have to walk down to the nearest bus stop and the area is mostly dark as the utility poles are not working well. I just hope that administration finds an alternative before something happens and they are backed into a corner,” he said.

Broomes said even when the shuttle was working, it constantly needed repairs and service was sporadic. He said it was now time for a better alternative.

Requesting anonymity, one student said he used to depend on the bus.
“It doesn’t really affect me in terms of my transportation any more but I used to have classes at night so back then, the bus had come in handy. I have to say I am a bit concerned for my fellow students who have late classes mainly because when the last class finishes around 8 p.m any student who doesn’t drive or get picked up has to wait for public transportation which isn’t the best at that time,” he said.

The student also addressed the issue of the recent United States travel advisory urging its citizens to stay away from some areas including The Ivy, due to crime.

“Having to wait [there for transport] is not good as The Ivy has been listed as a high point for crime by the US. In fact, I don’t think it is safe for anyone to be out there at that time of night, especially as it is lonely and not well lit.

We recently had an annual general meeting with the student guild where president Broomes assured if re-elected, one of his first orders of business would be to try and revive the school shuttle,” he said.

Another student said the bus used to make three trips each evening with around 20 students per trip.

A source at the college said management was aware of the issue but they were not sure about long term plans.

When contacted via email, acting principal of the BCC Dr Cheryl Weekes replied: “I acknowledge receipt of your email and regret to inform you that there is no story in relation to the college bus.” (CA)