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NUPW celebrates 75 years

Carlos Atwell

NUPW celebrates 75 years

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The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) celebrated its 75th anniversary with a service at Collymore Rock Church of the Nazarene this morning.

 Invited guest Colin Jordan, the Minister of Labour, said the union and the Barbados labour Party shared parallels in their desire to improve the lot of workers in Barbados and lauded the union for its theme “75 years of Consistent Representation and Growing with Technology”.

 “I think it is appropriate that the NUPW, recognising that workers are the foundations of the building of a country, society and economic structure, also recognises that people . . . have to interact with technology. [Your theme] tells me the union recognises times are changing and even though people will remain the most important aspect of any country, it has to embrace the changes developing technology brings,” he said.

 Union president, Akanni McDowall also said the theme was relevant as it challenged them to blend the old and the new and moved them not to rest on their laurels but to be on the forefront of re-educating the union’s membership in light of an ever changing working environment fuelled by technical advancement.

He then urged the members to take part in the upcoming activities while outlining his wishes going forward.

 “It is my wish that prosperity is restored to the nation and we will endeavour to make our contribution, however small, to nation building. I wish we redouble our efforts in thought, word and deed to move our nation forever forward, onward and upward – inspired exalted, free,” he said.

 The sermon was conducted by Pastor David Holder who warned the congregation not to forget God in good times or bad as this leads to a pointless life. He urged the congregation to then make a fresh commitment to God. (CA)