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In our edition of the Sunday Sun of Sunday March 17, 2019 we published an article titled “Fall of Death” which was republished on our online platform and social media outlets.

The Nation Newspaper has since learned that, contrary to what was reported, Innotech Services Ltd. is not involved with the project at Portvale Factory and the company had no knowledge of the project or the works before the accident.

We have also since been informed and accept that while Mr Paul Clifford was a valued senior project manager and longstanding employee of Innotech Services Limited, and was here on a valid work permit obtained by Innotech Services Ltd., Innotech Services Ltd had no knowledge of any relationship between Tarico Building Inc and the deceased.

We have been further informed that Innotech has not contracted with BAMC or any other Government agency for the works being undertaken at Portvale Factory and that it had not or has not subcontracted Mr Clifford or anyone else for that matter to provide any services at Portvale Factory.

The Nation Newspaper Inc. therefore acknowledges that the publication of the article “Fall of Death” was incorrect in that regard and that this may have caused Innotech offence and we therefore unreservedly apologise to Innotech Services Ltd. for any harm to its reputation, and any inconvenience that the incorrect statement may have caused.