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Mottley: Growth needed to turn around economy

Carol Martindale

Mottley: Growth needed to turn around economy

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Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has stressed that Government cannot transform Barbados’ economy until there is growth.

Speaking at the start of this afternoon’s Budget Presentation in the House of Assembly, Mottley reminded that Sunday marks ten months since the Barbados Labour Party embarked on the journey “for love of country”.

She urged Barbadians to “stay the course” as she spoke on the Appropriation Bill 2019 .

“Everyone knows you cannot rebuild in ten months what was destroyed in a decade,” she said.

She said despite the “atmospheric noise” they have hit budgets and targets by cutting expenses while contributing to health, education and welfare.

She noted too that Government was about careful and considered choices. 

“Choices that prepare us for the journey ahead. Government is about choices. We must be clear about what we do and what we want to achieve,” she added.

 Punctuating her early presentation with the words “we must stay the course” Mottley stressed that a lost decade cannot be recovered in months.

“We cannot do it overnight. We saw the signs breaking down on us… we don’t have reliable data across institutions.

“2025 has to be that date for the nation – it has to be the date we set ourselves to recover, but to move on from the decade we lost” she said, noting that it is the year when pride and industry must be restored and one where Barbadians would feel a sense of command of their lives and communities”.

 Mottley said “We want a Barbados with a social safety net. We want a Barbados where you don’t have to know somebody to call a ‘shot’ for you”.

She added: “We must and will do everything in our power to save our young people”. (CM)