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Paternity leave on the cards 

Carol Martindale

Paternity leave on the cards 

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Prime Minister Mia Mottley has promised there will be paternity leave in Barbados “by this time next year”.

She underscored how critical paternity leave was, noting, “If we save families, families save their own”.

Mottley also said it was important for Government to help to facilitate day care centres to help women in the world force.

The Prime Minister was speaking tonight in the House of Assembly where she delivered the Budget Address.

During her presentation she said Barbados also needs a national training coordinator.

Recognising the need to train “our people” Mottley said there are not enough people who are going to work to produce.

 She said if people want to maintain a quality of life, then more people needed to produce when they go to work.

“We will do this country a disservice if we don’t talk through these issues”, she added.(CM)