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Atherley: What about Hilton?


Atherley: What about Hilton?

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Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley wants to know Government’s position as it relates to the Hilton Hotel.

Atherley, in his Budget Reply in the House of Assembly today, said while members of the Government would not be selling the hotel, located at Needham’s Point, St Michael, he still had a number of questions.

He said he also wanted to hear more about the $40 million injection into the Hilton and posed even more number of questions in his presentations.

“What is the source of the $40 million investment? What is the profit sharing arrangement?” he asked.

“I understand the former Government made arrangements to sell. That matter is a matter of past.  This Government indicates it is not interested in so doing but I still want to know . . . ”.

Atherley also referred to the planned Hyatt Hotel which Prime Minister Mia Mottley addressed in her presentation on Wednesday as well as Sam Lord’s Castle. (CM)