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Residents run mock police

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Residents run mock police

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Two fake cops were forced to flee and call the real police after Deacons, St Michael residents set upon them when they tried to confiscate a second bicycle.

Jamal Omar Beckles, a 35-year-old courier, of Massiah Street, St John, and Kenroy Henderson Brathwaite, a 39-year-old driver, of Apartment 7B, Sargeant Road, Ellerton, St George, were “patrolling” the Deacons area pretending to be officers when it was discovered they were not. That was when things got heated.

When the real police responded to the men’s report of being beaten and robbed, they found Beckles at the scene, while Brathwaite had hightailed it to the nearby Black Rock Police Station.

Both men admitted that they, not being a member of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), pretended to be an officer by doing an act that they were not lawfully entitled to do. They shouted to Devere Savoury: “Police, police, don’t **** move!” and confiscated his bicycle, on March 21. They also pleaded guilty to stealing a $400 bicycle belonging to Savoury on the same date.

Prosecutor Constable Kenmore Phillips told the District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday that Beckles was the owner of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) similar to unmarked vehicles of the RBPF. The two men went to karaoke in Baxters Road, The City, and drank. They left, and while on Deacons Road, near Bird’s River, they saw Savoury riding his bicycle accompanied by his girlfriend.

Beckles began to flick the headlights on and off at Savoury, who stopped. The driver sped up and stopped suddenly beside the man, and shouted the command at him. Savoury ditched the bicycle and ran through a nearby path while the men put the bike in the back of the SUV and drove off.

Beckles and Brathwaite continued “patrolling” the Deacons area until residents challenged them to produce identification when they attempted to confiscate another bicycle.

Coincidentally, Savoury also went to the station asking about his bicycle that was taken by the police and identified it in the back of Beckles’ vehicle.

Attorney Arthur Holder, who represented Beckles, asked for a pre-sentencing report on his client.

Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant ordered pre-sentencing reports on both men and released each on $1 000 bail. They return on June 3. (RA)