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Portuguese Man-of-War spotted near Carlisle Bay


Portuguese Man-of-War spotted near Carlisle Bay

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The Fisheries Division has confirmed that it has received reports of a Portuguese Man-of-War in the waters along Carlisle Bay, Bay Street, St Michael.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Stephen Willoughby, said that they had received reports today and were investigating the situation.

The Portuguese Man-of-War, while not a jelly fish, is related to the species. It is a free floating cnidarian (an aquatic invertebrate animal of the phylum which comprises the coelenterates) characterised by blue gas-filled bladders and long tentacles.

It drifts on the surface of the ocean, and is made up of a colony of organisms.

The public is urged to avoid contact with these Man-of-Wars as they can cause moderate to severe pain and swelling which could last two to three days.

Anyone who is stung should remove the tentacles and avoid rubbing the affected area as doing so could cause the venom to spread. They should also flush the area with water, apply heat and seek medical attention. (BGIS)