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Mottley calls urgent meeting on transportation


Mottley calls urgent meeting on transportation

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Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has summoned an urgent meeting of all major players in the public transport sector to look at the current state of the system.

This meeting will take place at 11 a.m. tomorrow, at Government Headquarters on Bay Street, and will be attended by officials of the Transport Authority, the Transport Board, the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance, and representatives of the various organizations representing public sector vehicle operators.

According to Press Secretary, Roy Morris, “there is no doubt that the gap between the expectations of commuters and what is being delivered by both public and private sector operations is too great for business as usual to prevail, and it would not be a misrepresentation to describe what now obtains as being in crisis or near crisis.

“However, the Prime Minister has made it clear that she is determined to ensure there are short term solutions put in place while the country awaits the arrival of new buses”.

He added: “And while the Prime Minister has been out of the island over the past week, she has so continued to keep a very close watch on the situation, and tomorrow’s meeting is to ensure that all players understand that the best interest of commuters must always be at the forefront of decision making and actions taken.” (BGIS)