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SOCIAL SCENE: Tour operators make a connection


SOCIAL SCENE: Tour operators make a connection

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Tour operators from around the globe got more than a taste of Barbados during last week’s Connect Barbados 2019 meeting here.

They came from all the markets from which Barbados draws its tourism business and were exposed to all the island has to offer the visitor. On Friday night, the eve of their departure, all the stops were pulled out for a rollicking evening at Harrison’s Cave, one of the Barbados’ top attractions, where they were treated to food, dance and tours of the St Thomas wonder.

Chef John Hazzard produced a smorgasbord of fare that saw the visitors going back for seconds and thirds, while Nicholas Brancker and his band, Red Plastic Bag, Nikita and DJ Jamar the Star served up a pot of musical fare that left no chance of gaining extra pounds after sumptuous consumption of the enticing food. (GC)