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Invested too much to walk away



Invested too much to walk away

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but I have invested a year in this guy and I hate to think it was for nothing. He’s been talking marriage. In the beginning, I was excited. Now, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea. Can you help me?

Dear Christine, I HAVE BEEN going out with a guy for the past year. He is nice to my son and he helps me financially even though I have never asked him for anything. However, something is bothering me.

He says things to me that really hurt, and I am wondering if I truly know this man. For instance, he has told me to watch what I say around his business associates, and when he thinks I have not acted properly around them, he tells me afterward that I need to act the part properly.

I may not be the scholar that he is, but I have a decent job and consider myself to be a woman of class.

He isn’t the most sensitive or compassionate man I have ever met, and I find those to be important qualities in a mate. He has also made comments about my weight – specifically, that he doesn’t want me to gain any.

Some of my friends are telling me to drop him, Dear T.C., If you’re looking for a supportive mate, this man doesn’t fit the bill. To stay with him because you have invested 12 months in the relationship is not sufficient reason to invest more time.

Face it, he is looking for someone to make him look good, and he’s trying to fashion you into that person. Just be who you are because it seems he will always be critical.

You do not need this negative energy in your life. Marrying him will be a huge regret and a greater mistake.