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Low reservoir levels affecting BWA service


Low reservoir levels affecting BWA service

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The Barbados Water Authority (BWA) is informing the public that service has been affected by low reservoir levels at several of its facilities. The low levels are resulting in water outages or low pressure being experienced in a number of districts.

ST MICHAEL: Lodge Hill, Hinds Hill, Clermont, Warrens Heights, Warrens Terrace, Warrens Park, Warrens and surrounding areas.

ST JAMES: Husbands, Clearview Heights, Meadowvale Heights, Crystal Heights, Hoytes Village, Prior Park, Holders Hill, Hoyte’s Development, Durants Village, John Plains, Holders Hill, West Terrace Gardens, West Terrace Heights, Oxnards, Wanstead Heights, Wanstead Gardens, Thorpes, Haynesville and surrounding areas.

ST JOSEPH: Andrews Tenantry, Parris Hill, Blackmans, Coffee Gully, Branchbury, Suriname, Horse Hill, Tourville, Bonwell, Orange Grove, Bowling Alley, Vaughn’s Road # 1&2, Vaughn’s Church Village, Horton’s, Easy Hall, Bruce Vale, Baxter’s, Fruitful Hill, Dark Hole, Coconut Grove, Upper & Lower Parks, Spa Hill, Mellowes, St Bernard’s Village, Chimborazo, Sugar Hill, Braggs Hill, Lammings, Fisher Pond, Airy Hill and surrounding areas.

ST JOHN: Wilson Hill, Claybury Tenantry, Venture, Edgecliff, Hothersal and surrounding areas.

ST ANDREW: Apes Hill, Farmers, Hillaby, Church Gap, Turners Hall, White Hill and surrounding areas.

ST THOMAS: Dunscombe, Spring Farm, Porey Spring, Content Tenantry, Lower & Upper Canefield, Airy Cot, Sturges, Welchman Hall, Highland, Lion Castle, Endeavour, Clifton Hill, Walkes Spring, Clifton Tenantry, Strong Hope, Carrington Village, Bloomesbury, Chapman Village, Friendship, Cane Garden, Bagatelle Park, Bagatelle Gardens, Bagatelle Terrace, Arthur Seat, Welches Heights, Kew Land, Redman’s Village.

The BWA is also dealing with a technical glitch at the Newmarket Pumping Station. Repair work is ongoing, however, some areas are being affected by low pressure or outages as a result.

CHRIST CHURCH: Edey Village, Cox Road, St David’s, South District, Frere Pilgrim and surrounding areas.

ST GEORGE: Ellerton and surrounding areas.

Repair work on the ruptured 15-inch main near the Globe Roundabout is still ongoing. Adjustments were made to this section of the network and service was restored to Country Road in the interim, however, BWA crews continue to carry out repairs.

Water tankers have been dispatched to assist customers in the all of the affected districts, however there will be delays due to heavy demand. (PR)