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Results from shutoffs, says Abrahams


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dealing with that particular issue was to “do strategic shutoffs” of the water supply in various communities.

“The shutoffs are achieving the result. They are not, as some believe, designed to rob people of water, but sometimes you need to shut down an area to allow a reservoir to fill somewhere else. If people are along a line that fills another reservoir and they are drawing water all the time, the reservoir does not get filled.

“So we have to manage our water resources now and you might have to shut down one area to recharge a reservoir in another area so people can get a certain supply of water. It is not only a water supply situation, it is an infrastructural and logistical situation. All of this we are trying to correct, and all of this requires money,” he said.

Abrahams said he would be laying a paper in Cabinet today after which he would be briefing the country in a post-Cabinet press conference. “There will be an official statement from the ministry and from the BWA and then all the protocols that follow the declaration of a drought will be posted.” Halliday said one of the measures that might be introduced was the prohibition notice. He said they have also been placing water conservation tips in the media.

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