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Bashment Soca Semi-finalists announced


Bashment Soca Semi-finalists announced

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The Yello International Bashment Soca Monarch semi-finalists 2019 were announced today.

Just after 3 p.m., the 25 competitors vying for the final 12 spots on July 6 at Pirates Cove was released on social media.

Barbados has the lion’s share with 19, St Lucia 2, and one each for Belize, St Vincent, Guyana and the United States.

Social media singing sensation Mackie Tone is in the line up along with Mara Rose, King Bubba and Walkes, among others, as newcomers.

UnderDawg will be trying to make the finals to compete against his father, reigning monarch Lil Rick. Also in the semis is father-son duo Verseewild and Xtra Wild.

With the new format in the second year, there is a  “bashment soca” entry from the Unites States, C.DIDDY with Bashment Story.

Voting for the finals is only online and begins tonight and ends on Monday.

The 25 semifinalists are: Ambi, Blaze Anthonio, De Forenah, C.DIDDY, DeeVine, Jagwa The Champ, Kadafi, King Bubba FM, Linksee, Mackie Tone, Mara Rose, Marzville, Mole, Porgie, Scrilla, Sita The Lyrical Diva, SK, Stiffy, Subance, SugahRhe, Timmy, TR Shine, UnderDawg, Verseewild and Xtra Wild, Walkes.