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Call for reserve days


Call for reserve days

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IT WILL BE a bleak week at the ICC Cricket World Cup in England and at least one head coach is kicking up a fuss about the lack of reserve days at the 50-over tournament.

Bangladesh’s Steve Rhodes bemoaned the fact that his team had to endure a washout match at such a critical stage when their fixture with Sri Lanka was abandoned at Bristol yesterday.

“We put men on the moon, so why can’t we have a reserve day, when actually this tournament is a long one?” Rhodes asked at the post match press conference.

“I know logistically it would have been a big headache for the tournament organisers. I know that it would have been difficult, but we have got quite a lot of time in between games, and if we have got to travel later, then so be it.

“The games are spread out. I would say that it’s disappointing for the crowd as well. They have got tickets to see a game of cricket, and you know it would be up to them if they can get there the day after.”

This was after the match was officially called off at 3 p.m. without a ball being bowled.