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AKIL – not just a father

Donna Sealy

AKIL – not just a father

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Akil Ifill  believes there’s a “distinct difference” between being a father and being a dad. As children celebrate their fathers today, Father’s Day, Akil relishes the joy that his three children – Alexis, six; Josiah, five; and Jaden, three, bring to his life.

He says no matter how many challenges he encounters, how many achievements he accomplishes or things he’s able to check off his “to do list”, nothing takes the place of their love and being their dad.

In a chat with Easy, the principal of The Ifill School shared his views as a young father navigating today’s minefield of information about the dos and don’ts of raising children.

Luckily for Akil, his dad Patrick showed him the way and helped him become the man and dad he is.

“We often say ‘father’ and attribute a father to someone that you spend time with. The reality is that a father is a biological term, and a dad is someone who spends time helping to develop and nurture their child or children.