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AG: We are focused on gun fight

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

AG: We are focused on gun fight

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ATTORNEY GENERAL Dale Marshall says he won’t let Democratic Labour Party (DLP) president Verla De Peiza take his eyes off the prize.

On Saturday, De Peiza called for Marshall to be sacked, as he had failed the country in the fight against crime.

But yesterday, Marshall said he would not blink.

“Miss De Peiza seems to be the kind of leader who would get frantic and change plans when the going gets tough. If that is her style, it is not ours. Solid strategic approaches are what is needed to address this issue of gun violence, and we need to give the strategies time to work,” he said.

He charged it was the DLP leader’s administration which stood by and watched the cancer of gun violence grow to the extent that it had, and was neither proactive nor reactive in trying to stamp it out.

“In fact, one could almost say that they approached the issue of gun violence in a cavalier manner, as exemplified by their weakening our Customs Department, for example, our border control agency, by trying to convert it into a revenue agency and neglecting in its role in keeping out firearms and drugs. Her administration permitted the port to function for years without adequate scanning capacity such that a mere six per cent of containers were scanned upon entry, allowing illegal guns to pour into our country.”  (BA)