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Graduate with Cave Shepherd


Graduate with Cave Shepherd

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The stress of the 11+ Examination is finally over and a whole new experience awaits the little ones.

Now they start the transition to the exciting new world of secondary school. 

However, before this, the one event most anticipated is graduation. This may very well be the last time that primary school teachers and students get together; it’s a time for tears and a time to make lasting memories.

There is always a sense of pride felt watching your children walk to receive their scrolls. For some parents it is a very emotional time, as they are overcome joy. What better way to show how proud you are than with a gift for your graduand that he or she can use on their journey into secondary school?


Schools look to gift each of their students for their academic achievements at this time and students look forward to receiving these tokens, no matter how small.

With small budgets available for this activity on the school calendar, items such as Dictionaries, Geometry Sets, Pens, Calculators and books help to complete these gift packages.


Last but not least. The bond between children and teachers is one that can sometimes last a lifetime and for both, it’s hard to say goodbye.

To ease this, you can give your favourite teacher a gift they will cherish and by which they will always remember you.

A postcard is oftentimes very effective and can convey words and emotions which get the message across.

How about a beautiful mug with just the right words, or some other trinket that will show your love and appreciation for your teacher? These gifts can also help to say, I’ll miss you.

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