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Tight measures in place at terminal

Davandra, [email protected]

Tight measures in place at terminal

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Chairman of the Transport Authority, Ian Estwick, said come September 1, commuters will board those vehicles from inside the Speightstown Terminal.

And to ensure order is kept, the police, as well as security guards and terminal wardens, will be used.

“We want to bring some sort of order to the PSV sector. Whatever opportunity we can take we will look at it. We have always been having complaints about the Speightstown area. I have witnessed school children getting into the bus from the road, but not through the door, through windows.

“I’ve also seen some exiting the PSVs through windows. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or more tragically, someone dies from this sort of behaviour. So whatever we can do to assist in curbing it we will do that,” Estwick said.

He explained that the operating system for the 100 PSVs operating in that area would mirror that of the one in the Constitution River Terminal.

“We will have gates (pictured) designated for certain areas. We built new steps and put railings. We will add some additional safety measures to those railings as well. The whole thing is to try to maintain the standard here that we have at the Constitution River Terminal,” he said.

Estwick said the work, on the western side of the terminal, was almost completed and their next move would be to speak to all the operators in that area. (DB)