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Soldiers must ‘walk worthy’

CARLOS ATWELL, ​[email protected]

Soldiers must ‘walk worthy’

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Soldiers for God and soldiers in the army must both walk worthy. Assistant chaplain of the Barbados Defence Force, Reverend Dr Joel Cumberbatch said both armies required dedication and both were a privilege to serve.

“It is like being a member of the legion where you are expected to walk worthy in your duties as an honourable member [of that institution]. We are all expected to walk worthy of the citizenship and the privilege we hold. It is a pleasing thing to walk worthy before God, a pleasing thing when your light shines so all men may see your good work and see you glorify your father in heaven,” he said.

However, Cumberbatch, delivering the sermon at the annual Barbados Legion service at St Matthias Anglican Church, said there was no more powerful of an affiliation than with God.

“Some may be affiliated with a political party or a fraternity but there is no power like that which comes from the Holy Spirit, which comes through your alignment with Jesus Christ,” he said.

The army chaplain also voiced his displeasure with a proposal to remove God from the international Key Club pledge, which is already facing opposition, calling it “unfortunate and backward”.

“Historically there have always been attempts to neutralise God with some even attempting to wipe Him from their consciousness but God will always be God. Building the home, the school, the community as well as service to one’s nation and combatting those forces undermining such institutions cannot be achieved without the enablement of God,” he said.

Cumberbatch said serving God was not a hindrance to development but was rather the opposite, as he said many would say a profound faith and commitment to God had played an exceptional role in their development and progress.

“What kind of leaders are we trying to produce? Is the intention to have leaders who, in their thinking and perspectives, have an absence of the Christian faith which has served humanity and country well? The word of God is still very much relevant for every age and every situation,” he said.

Chairman of the Legion, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Vere Springer thanked all who attended the service and urged Barbados to continue to support the Legion via the poppy appeal. He said they were currently assisting 23 veterans and their families, adding there would always be a need for a Legion to bring comfort to the brave men and women who, now in their twilight years, had put their country first.

The service ended with the traditional march past where Governor General Dame Sandra Mason received the salute. (CA)