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Rawlins still in pain after 32-foot drop


Rawlins still in pain after 32-foot drop

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After falling into a 32-foot well almost nine weeks ago, Tynichia Rawlins is maintaining a positive outlook on life.

On the face of it, she is high-spirited but she admitted she endures excruciating back pain and could only walk with the help of crutches.

The National Conservation Commission (NCC) worker was raking around a hedge when she suddenly stumbled and plunged into a well at Emerald Avenue, Park Side Drive, Inch Marlow, Christ Church, the morning of May 24.

She sustained injuries to her head, arms, back, left foot and broken bones to her right foot.

Yesterday, when a DAILY NATION team visited her Sayes Court, Christ Church residence, Rawlins was in high spirits. 

The 34-year-old said the experience gave her a new look on life, adding that in spite of the pain to her back, nothing could keep her from being happy.

“I am not a saint but that experience changed me; it brought me closer to God and I got a new outlook on life,” she said. “When I was going down, all I could think about was my children. Then I started praying and asking God to forgive me for all of my sins; I said that if it was my time to die I wanted to be right with the Father.

“I was down there for an hour and 15 minutes but it felt like 20 minutes to me, so I don’t know if I passed out or whatever. After a while, when I finished praying, I started to feel a comfort, like everything was going to be alright,” she said.

Rawlins said life after the incident was a mental battle she was overcoming each day.

“I’m always in good spirits but for two weeks or so after the incident I saw myself going back down the hole and jumping out of my sleep; but lately I have not been getting those nightmares,” she said, adding that having her family and close friends assist her during the day was the comfort she needed.

The mother of two said she was not sorry for herself, adding that everything happens for a reason and that reason would reveal itself someday. (SB)