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Fraser, Gittens pack real punch

Kenmore Bynoe

Fraser, Gittens pack real punch

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IT WAS supposed to be The Last Man Standing, but two women upstaged all of the fighters when the Belfield Gym, in conjunction with the Barbados Boxing Association, staged a battle against Canada at the Wildey Gymnasium on Saturday night.

Barbados’ No. 1 female boxer Kimberly Gittens and middle-distance champion Mary “Joe” Fraser put on a display of pugilistic brilliance to help the local boxers earn three of the seven bouts against their North American opponents.

Fraser met Terris Smith in the featherweight division, with her opponent boldly opting to enter the ring with a Barbados Flag serving as a head-tie. With little fear and plenty of bravado, Fraser showed no retreat as she made every attempt to outdance and outpunch her Canadian rival. (KB)