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Fines for unkempt premises

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Fines for unkempt premises

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Barbadians who keep their premises dirty could soon be fined, says Attorney General Dale Marshall.

The move is part of Government’s attempt to get Barbadians to start keeping their surroundings clean as a way to reduce flooding, particularly during the hurricane season.

“We’re not interested in making anybody a criminal, but we do have to motivate people towards the kind of conduct that staves off disaster and challenges for a government. It has come to that point where we are simply going to have to put new legislative measures in place,” he said during a special press conference yesterday at the Bay Street Government Headquarters.

Moreover, Marshall said similar to parking offences, individuals would be ticketed and be made to pay a fine if found guilty.

“We will be imposing a set of civil fines to try to encourage Barbadians to engage in the appropriate conduct, very much like an offence of parking in the wrong place. It doesn’t get ramped up to a criminal procedure at that point; you have the opportunity to pay the fine, and that is the approach we want to take in that instance,” he said.