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Butcher safe in The Bahamas

EZRA STUART, [email protected]

Butcher safe in The Bahamas

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It was a sigh of relief for the large Mason family of Bayfield, St Philip yesterday after finally hearing from their beloved Dr Wismore Butcher that he and his wife survived the ravages of Hurricane Dorian and are safe in The Bahamas.

 It was the first time since Dorian left a trail of destruction in The Bahamas over a week ago that Dr Butcher, a former principal of Princess Margaret Secondary School, was able to contact his concerned brother Berkeley.

 Berkeley, who lives in the United States, was delighted and shared an email he received from Butcher early yesterday morning with relatives and friends. 

“I am extremely happy to report that Ceeney [my wife] and I are safe,” said Butcher, who has lived in Grand Bahama since his retirement.

 “Our residential area is among the highest lands around Freeport, and that was very significant in our survival. Although the surge created waves and floods over ten feet high in many areas, we suffered no significant flooding at all in our area,” he revealed.

Butcher further reported that their home only suffered very minimal damage.