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Hundreds turn out to Clean Up Barbados

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, ​[email protected]

Hundreds turn out to Clean Up Barbados

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Old mattresses, tyres and the usual pounds of plastic litter were removed from around the island when 850 volunteers “picked up de ting” during this morning’s Clean Up Barbados event.

It was the annual Future Centre Trust event which takes place on the third Saturday of every September.

Ann Harding, programme manager at the Future Centre, during this morning’s opening ceremony at the Helipad, says she was hoping for less garbage than that which was collected in 2018. Last year, 9 000 pounds were removed from various locations around the island.

“We always want more volunteers and more tools and materials to make the job easier, but if they find less, I will be thrilled,” she declared.

However, after four hours of cleaning, Harding was forced to admit: “I don’t think much has changed. What has changed is you have more people cleaning up.

“We haven’t got the right message out to make people stop [littering]. We have to go to all ages, all levels,” she says.

The total weight collected today has not yet been released. (HLE)