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More rats!


More rats!

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THERE HAVE BEEN plenty more rat sightings, and the Environmental Health Department is blaming it on the mounting garbage problem.

“We have had more complaints of rodents . . . . We’ve had numerous complaints of rodent infestations and sightings across Barbados and a lot of that has to do with basically the management of our refuse right now,” said Acting Chief Environmental Officer Ronald Chapman.

“What the Ministry of Health is about to do, and I can say this comprehensively, is we are in the process of putting together a rodent control campaign which would see us mass baiting in highly populated areas to bring down that population. You’re going to see that roll out very, very soon.

“I’m just waiting for the bait to get into the island; that’s all we’re waiting for. As soon as the bait gets here, we will be rolling,” he said.

While Chapman did not have figures to hand on the number of rat and mice sightings, he said the campaign would start where they received the most complaints.(GBM)

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