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Johnson’s Baby Powder recalled


Johnson’s Baby Powder recalled

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The Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA), has advised the public that Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. (JJCI) has announced that it is initiating a voluntary recall in the United States of a single lot of its Johnson’s Baby Powder.

The DCCA is the agency under the Ministry of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce charged with the protection of consumers.

According to the DCCA, tests carried out by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Johnson’s Baby Powder indicated the presence of sub-trace levels of chrysotile asbestos contamination. Chrysotile asbestos or white asbestos, as it is called, is the most commonly used form of asbestos. Over exposure to this type of asbestos can cause serious illness.

As a matter of caution, the JJCI has issued a voluntary recall of Lot Number 22318RB of Johnson’s Baby Powder.

Barbadian consumers are therefore asked to check the lot numbers of any Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Powder, and if any are found with the above-mentioned lot numbers, they are urged to discontinue use of the product and return the contaminated product to the retailer from which it was purchased.

Additional information on the recall may be found on the below link: –

Consumers may also contact the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs at 535-7000, 535-7003, 535-7005, or [email protected] to report any possession of the contaminated product. (BGIS)