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Alexandra preparing students ‘for global society’

Hallam Hope

Alexandra preparing students ‘for global society’

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ALEXANDRA SCHOOL is producing outstanding students fit for
a rapidly-changing global society.

That was touted of her alma mater by Dr Ramona Archer-Bradshaw, acting deputy principal of Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, a tutor and researcher, who delivered the second Grace Thompson Memorial Lecture at the school to mark the institution’s 125th anniversary.

“The school has equipped its students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to excel in an ever-changing technologically-driven global society,” she said on Saturday.

“It is a fact that Alexandra School has not only reached the objectives as set out by the [Ministry of Education] but we have excelled over the past 125 years,” she added.

In a review of the school’s history, the educator argued that the core values including discipline and focus on excellence in the academics, sports and culture were reflected in adult life.

“There is a saying . . . that good manners can open doors that the best education cannot . . . . For us at Alexandra, this was absolutely true . . . for while preparation for examinations was important, preparation for life was the ultimate. (HH)