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Man rescues baby from toilet pit

Jamaica Gleaner

Man rescues baby from toilet pit

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KINGSTON – Residents in Cox Piece in deep rural St Mary have dubbed as ‘Moses’ the day-old baby retrieved from a pit latrine in the community on Thursday morning, likening him to the iconic biblical figure who was saved and catapulted to greatness.

Dwight Campbell, who rescued the infant boy from the outdoor toilet, credited divine intervention for sparing the child injury or death.
“God a miracle God from long time and a work miracle until today. Mi a nuh Christian, but mi believe,” said Campbell, who admitted to being traumatised by the episode.

“God is so good that a baby could born from nearly seven o’clock and inna di toilet, no feed, nothing, straight back until after nine next morning and still live. No rat no bite him, no insect no bite him.”

Residents of Cox Piece expressed outrage at the incident yesterday but believe that the child is a legacy of fate and faith.

“I call the baby Moses because a God protect that baby inna di toilet from inna the early evening until after nine inna di morning. Moses!” exclaimed a resident who gave her name only as Valerie.

“Just like when they put him in River Nile, God spare him for a reason.” (Jamaica Gleaner)