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School horror

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

School horror

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Wails of anguish could be heard coming from the Frederick Smith Secondary School auditorium yesterday where several students and staff were assembled after the stabbing death of Upper Fifth student Temario Cavone Emmanuel Holder.

The 16-year-old of Checker Hall, St Lucy, died at the scene and a 15-year-old colleague was in custody of police, assisting them. The pain of the incident was etched on the faces of the few students who were huddled outside the gate of the Trents, St James school.

One female student said the tragic incident happened on the second floor in the sixth period after lunch, while another boy said he followed a teacher up the stairs where he stumbled upon the upper fifth student.

 “When I was upstairs I see a teacher running to the principal through the auditorium. Then I see a man teacher running up the stairs and I follow he. When I was running up the stairs I see bare blood and I see the boy laying on the floor holding he side with blood coming through his mouth. He’s not a bad boy nor nothing, and he represent the school for nuff things. He used to do technology and football,” he said.  (RA)