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Govt to boost wi-fi access


Govt to boost wi-fi access

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Access to wi-fi can no longer be seen as a luxury, says Minister of Energy Wilfred Abrahams  – it is a necessity.

This is why Government, by way of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), has partnered with telecommunications company Digicel to increase the number of NCC parks and beaches where free public high-speed wi-fi access is currently available.

“It is now a part of our lives. It is not a luxury. This is not something we say these people are trying to be too technical. Wi-fi is a part of our lives that we will never be able to dial back; it’s only going to get worse or better,” he told officials, including Minister of Environment and National Beautification Trevor Prescod, and Minister of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology Senator Kay McConney, during the launch of the NCC and Digicel partnership at Silver Sands Recreational Park yesterday.

Abrahams, who is also Member of Parliament for the Christ Church East Constituency, was sure that the service would be rewarding and “open a lot of doors” for many people, like some of his constituents who do not presently have domestic access. However, the minister implored users to utilise the service responsibly and respectfully. This, he noted, entailed that persons refrain from using the wi-fi to transmit malicious content, pornography, fights, crime scene photos and so on.