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NSC facilities going hi-tech

MIKE KING, [email protected]

NSC facilities going hi-tech

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The National Sports Council (NSC) has found a way to reduce its electricity costs at a dozen of its facilities.

 The Government-run NSC has entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Energy that has seen the installation of photovoltaic cells at seven sports council pavilions and five community development facilities.

“What we have noticed since the attachment of the photovoltaic cells, a reduction in our monthly bill to the Barbados Light & Power,”  said acting director of sport Neil Murrell.

Murrell told the  Nation the time had come to embrace the technological age.

“We have to encourage this sort of smart technology. It is for the future. I can envision by 2030 that if we work in partnership with the [Energy Division] and other private sources, that we have our electricity bill being very negligible to the extent we may be able to sell back some energy back to the Barbados Light & Power,” he said.