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Power surges cause BWA facilities to shut off

KOBIE BROOMES, [email protected]

Power surges cause BWA facilities to shut off

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Several of the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) facilities were affected by power surges last night which caused the equipment at the facilities to shut off.

In a statement, the BWA said, crews began the process of restarting those facilities this morning however a few are still to be put back online.

It explained, “The stoppages would have resulted in the loss of water supply to some customers in various districts overnight. However, pumping should resume once power is fully restored.”

The BWA also gave an update on work to repair the pump at the Newmarket Pumping Station which was damaged on Thursday as a result of the Barbados Light & Power Company’s electrical outages.

The BWA explained, “This facility along with the Fort George Reservoir sends water to customers in parts of St George, St Michael and Christ Church. As the work progresses, the water supply is slowly being restored to some areas, while others may continue to experience low levels of outages until the repair work is complete.”