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Heavy voter turnout in Roseau

Sanka Price in Dominica

Heavy voter turnout in Roseau

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Polls opened in the Dominican capital of Roseau at 7 a.m today with  persistent early morning showers threatening to put a damper on voting.

However, by mid-morning the rains eased up and voters turned out in their numbers to cast their ballots in the polling stations that make up the three constituencies – Roseau North, Roseau Central and Roseau South – that subdivide the capital.

People were seen sitting in vehicles or standing under umbrellas behind the 100-yard perimeter line for the polling station.By afternoon, voters were tuning out in mass. At three polling stations in the Soufriere constituency – at St Mark’s Catholic Church, the Village Council and Point Michel community centre – the parties’ election agents reported a steady flow of voters being seen.

By midday, United Workers Party leader Lennox Linton had reportedly voted in his Marigot stronghold in the north of the country. While leader of the Dominica Labour Party Roosevelt Skerrit was en route from his Veillecase constituency, about 70 miles away from Roseau to vote in Roseau Central

There were no reports of any voting irregularities or violence up to midday. Also at midday, the Electoral Commission reported a better turn out to up to that time when compared to 2014. Officials suggested it was likely to be a heavy poll.

Approximately 74 8 95 people were eligible to vote for the 21 seats in yesterday’s election.(SP)